The Interpretation of Dreams According to Islam (A-Z)

Family members: Dreaming of having a teenage boy and splendor berertistrength for you. Women who dream of having a grown sonbererti the goodness to come.
GOD S.W.T:Abu Sa'id Al-Ustaz said: "Sesiapa who looked as if he's standing before GodS.W.T. and God looked at him, then that dream is a dream of grace ifpious man who dreamed it. But if the dream was not a pious person, then ita warning. "
BBER NAKEDBare: Dreaming of lost sebahagian clothes or belongings in the housemeaning will be lost sebahagian property. Dream as if it will shedshoe means you will be separated from your wife or maid.
Animals: lions bererti Dreaming afraid to voice a despotic king, dreamed of riding voicemeans you will get a gift of a noble man, dream snake skin sound berertidistance themselves from the enemy and attempted to conceal hostilitybeat, dreaming meaningful conversation both birds and is a marker bahawapeople who grew noble dream, dream of a cat show embarrassinghelper of thieves.
Blood: Blood from the nose, if he had a lot of liquid, meaningful possessionsin the long run. If he is strong, meaningful miscarriage (the child). If he saw that bloodsoiling his clothes means he will get a property which is not good and willsin. If it does not contaminate the blood bererti clothes he would be out ofsin (sin terampun).

Hunted: Dreaming followed by young people you will encounter significant enemy.

Teeth: teeth as for the meaning of family households are male. Then the upper teethis a family man and a woman next to the family.
Gigi is rocking: if sebahagian teeth shake, indicating there to be diseased. Toothwho fell and lost shows death or lost for ever.

H Hajj and Umrah:Abu Sa'id Al-Ustaz said: "Sesiapa that saw him go on the pilgrimage toseason, so if he's not going to do the Hajj pilgrimage, when he was sickwill recover, if he has debts will be able to pay its debts, if he'm afraid she will feel safe, if he's poor will be rich, if hetravelers will be safe, if he had been deposed or will be kicked back in theservice, if he would know the misguided direction and guidance and if he's in troublewill get spaciousness. "People who are looking to go on the pilgrimage, but his time is up, so if hea leader will be overthrown, if he peniaga will lose, if he is the traveler willterkandas on the way, if he sihat be diseased.People who look as if he was on the pilgrimage, or umrah bererti longevityand permanent establishment. People who dream of tawaf in the House will get a servicenoble. People who dream of riding bererti tawaf on his intercourse with womenbeing ihram.
Jin: The man who dreamed of exchanging a powerful genie bererti their tricks.See the magic geniein sleep indicate deception. Dream to see the genie, in their origin iskelompak invite people who like to fantasize and deceive people.

Cat K *
Cats: cat heard the maid who steals bererti embarrassing.

MMALAIKAT:Abu Sa'id Al-Ustaz said: "Looking at the sleeping angel, if angels are knownand in a happy state, it will apply to people who dream of something.Those include anything that is intended grandeur, strength, exciting news,get help after the tyrannized, recover, after the diseased, serene afterin fear, after the poor rich, rejoice after suffering, can menghajikanhis friends or his martyrdom in battle. "

Off: Looking death in dreams is a matter of regret rather than huge. Seeas if you die, then you live longer, bererti sin then you have yourrepent.

Bodies: Sesiapa someone who dreams of seeing the body (the dead), as if he's deadagain, then the people crying, which is not to scream and wail, then thisshow will berkahwin one zuriatnya. Sesiapa a dream come across dead bodies,then he would have riches.

P THE APOSTLES: see the ApostlesAbu Sa'id Al-Ustaz said: "Dreaming of the prophets to see there are two possibilities. Maybekhabar is excited and maybe a warning. First look at things orthe real situation. It shows people that dream is good, perfect, nobleand triumph of his enemies. Second, look at the prophet did not like the situation thattruth. For example, he saw the prophet in a state of sullen or surly face. Thisshowing bad things and people who dream of misfortune bersangatanreceived but ultimately God melapangkannya. If he dreamed of looking as thoughhe killed the prophets, it shows he does not fulfill the mandate bahawaviolate a promise. "SSAHABAT and the Successors:Sesiapa who saw one of them or they are all alive,the mistaken view that a strong faith. It also shows the dreamer bahawawill give the height and glory. If there are people who look as if heincluding friends or Successors, then he will face hardship, but eventuallyget spaciousness. If you always see them, it will be a field of life.
Lion sounds: hear the lion king bererti afraid to do wrong.
Sura-Sura in the Quran there are 114 chapters. Each sura has a certain takwil. Inbelow mentioned takwil every sura in an orderly manner:

Satan: Satan Sesiapa bererti who dreams disturbed his enemies accused adulterous wifeor disturbed. Said the opinion of such dreams show the dreamerwill be separated rather than misery, or recover from illness.

U U:Snake heard the sound of the Skin: mean distance themselves from the enemytrying to hide hostility and defeat. If the dream wrappedand pecked snakes will address if the woman will have wives and husbands quickly.

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